An Enhanced TypeScript Playground

1 minute read

As I was going through my Twitter feed earlier this evening, a tweet from someone I follow popped up.

I was like, hey, that looks pretty cool. So I asked Steven if he had created it, to which he replied.

In a nutshell, typescript-play is like the official TypeScript playground but with some great enhancements:

  • All strict options turned on by default
  • More available compiler options
  • Ability to switch TypeScript version
  • More space for code
  • More examples
  • Quicker sharing, URL updates as you type
  • Shorter sharing URLs

What's even cooler is the fact that it's open sourced, so you can deploy it locally.

The repository on GitHubOpenGraph image for

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If you don't feel like cloning it, check it out at

Happy coding!

Photo by Jorge Gonzalez on Unsplash