Getting Saucy: I Joined OpenSauced!

2 minute read

It's fall and the leaves are starting to change here in Montreal, which allows me to use that analogy to say that I've started a new role!

I've always been a fan of open source and have had the privilege to be paid to work in open source since January 2020 (I used to work at DEV!). I've been a fan of all the stuff Brian Douglas (@bdougieyo) did at GitHub and what he and the team have been doing at OpenSauced.

With that, I'm super pumped to say that I’ve joined OpenSauced!

I completed my first week, hitting the ground running. I've already had some work merged and even wrote my first blog post for them!

I love all that we're doing at OpenSauced, and I'm super excited about all the work we're shipping. I'm also a fan of our highlights feature. Here's one of mine.

An OpenSauced highlight of mine

If you're interested, you can give me a follow on OpenSauced.

Looking to learn more about open source? Come join our community and give us a follow on DEV!

Someone riding a piece of pizza like a bull

Stay saucy friends! 🍕

Photo by Vit Ch on Unsplash