Have you moved from Twitter to Mastodon for social media?

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I created a Mastodon account on toot.cafe back in 2017, but I only did a little with it.

I tooted a bit then came back to Twitter, but this time, it feels like a mass exodus, at least for folks in tech.

The user experience is definitely different from Twitter, but even with its clunkiness, I have started to enjoy it.

Although I'll be tooting, for the most part, I've realized that some folks use Twitter as the main point of contact with me, so I'll still be checking DMs over there and still Tweeting (just not as much as tootin'). I'll probably also be more active on LinkedIn too.

Another exciting development is some ex-Twitter employees have started their own Mastodon instance, macaw.social. Thanks for linking it to me Arthur Melo!

Some resources you may find handy if you're new to Mastodon:

If you're on Mastodon, feel free to drop your handles in the comments so others can give you a follow over there. You can find me at @nickytonline@toot.cafe.

What are your thoughts on Mastodon and are you considering, if you haven’t already, moving over there?

I'll end with this.

Don’t feel under pressure to leave Twitter if it still brings you benefit. As soon as it becomes clear that it doesn’t, feel confident that you can leave Twitter and it’ll be fine.

– Andy Bell from his post Free of the bird

Photo by redcharlie on Unsplash