I started a newsletter!

1 minute read

I've decided to start a newsletter!

Yes, I know. Many folks do newsletters already, but I post a tonne of things on Slack that get lost in the "Slack"hole, so I figured I'd compliment that with a newsletter and collect all those links there too to share with all of you awesome folks. The majority of the content will pertain to web development, programming in general, and tech industry related news, but I may also throw in some fun random stuff occasionally.

I decided to go with Buttondown for my newsletter based on @cassidoo's (Cassidy Williams) recommendation. She had mentioned it on her Twitch stream recently.

There's a newsletter archive that comes with it out of the box as well, so you can dig into past issues. I’ll be mailing it out on Sunday evenings.

Anyways, if you want yet another newsletter, I give you Yet Another Newsletter LOL available to you at newsletter.iamdeveloper.com.

Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash