Kettlebells & Code: Dev Health

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As tech workers, we sit down quite a bit during the day. I have a standing desk that helps me stretch out a bit or lets me dance for a while (yes, desk dancing is a thing if you weren't aware), but we need to move more.

I'm generally active. I work out Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, along with a long daily walk, and do other seasonal activities.

Arnold Schwarzenegger doing side laterals with cats

If you don't get up to much and are curious about a fitness regime, you may want to come to hang out with Anna Nettles and me tomorrow. Even if you're already pretty active, you may also enjoy it.

I'm super excited to do a live stream with her where she will put me through a fantastic workout. Anna is a certified personal trainer, so I know I'll be in good hands. Come work out with us if you're up for it from the comfort of your home or wherever you're tuning in.

Aside from pumping some iron, she'll answer personal fitness questions while I'm sweating away, and we will also discuss her journey into tech.

Anna is a career transitioner who landed her first job in tech recently! It's a tough job market out there right now, especially for early career devs, so I'm excited to hear about Anna's job search and what she did to land her first gig.

It should be fun, and you all get to see me ugly sweat on Twitch, lol.

Come hang with us tomorrow, Wednesday, August 9th, at 5 pm UTC!

Update August 9, 2023: Here's some highlights from the stream!

P.S.: Yes I tagged this post with #healthydebate (channeling my inner dad jokes)

P.P.S.: I'd love to hear what you get up to to stay active! Drop a comment with what you get up to!

Photo by Heidi Erickson on Unsplash