What is The Collab Lab?

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Curious about what The Collab Lab is?

Here's the TL;DR

The Collab Lab increases access to web development jobs for early-career developers and, in particular, people in under-represented groups in tech by providing experiential skills training in software team collaboration and career management.

I sat down with Stacie Taylor to dive deeper into all things Collab Lab.

transcription from the podcast short:

The collab lab really gives you that kinda experience so that you can talk about, you know, when an interviewer is like, Tell us about a time you had to give somebody feedback.

You're like, Yeah, I was working on a team of developers, and here's a very realistic time when that happens. So it's kind of like giving your first job in a very safe, comfortable space so that you can take those insights into the job search and really impress people.

– Stacie Taylor, Engineering Team Lead at Zapier, Co-founder & mentor at The Collab Lab

We also discussed her origin story and we even talked about career advice. Thanks for the great conversation Stacie!

Here's the full podcast episode. Now go listen to it on that walk or run. 😎

Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash